Bassikounou Meteorite H5


(Actual as seen)

SIZE:  20 x 19 x 11mm
(0.79 x 0.75 x 0.43 inches)
WEIGHT:  10g

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The Bassikounou meteorite fell with a very  large fireball around 4am local time on October 12th, 2006. The  first specimen was found the same day at 1pm about 11km  Southeast of Bassikounou, Hodh Ech Chargui, which is located in  the far South-eastern corner of Mauritania, Africa. Bassikounou  has been classified as an Ordinary Chondrite, H5 with a Shock  Rating of S2 and a Weathering Level of W0 (unweathered). The  official Total Known Weight for this fall is 29.56kg but more  material totalling around 64kg has been found along a  strewnfield that is approximately 8km long. Bassikounou displays  a beautiful rich black, velvety crust with flow-lines present on some specimens. The interior is a contrasting pale grey colour  and the classification also makes mention of some shock veins  being present. It also states that the metal abundance is 8%  vol. while Troilite (FeS) is 6.6% vol.

The specimen below shows the rich black fusion crust expected from a newly recovered fall. Some parts of the stone are quite smooth which probably indicates a smooth even flow over the surface during tmospheric flight. However, other parts display a much heavier, frothier and irregular appearance. This likely indicates a more disrupted and turbulent flow of air around this part of the stone. There also appears to be some signs of ‘lipping’ which might suggest at least some stable atmospheric flight. This specimen is part of the Meteorites Australia Collection (MA.07.0040).

ACTUAL AS SEENThe image shows the EXACT specimen you will receive. The specimen has been carefully hand selected and photographed. Measurements are as accurate as possible, though be aware measuring precise dimensions can be difficult from irregular shaped items. Whilst we portray colours as close to life-like as we can, colours will vary if taken in sunlight, indoors, from monitor to monitor and device to device. Once this specimen is sold, we will update this listing with new similar selected item, with a new photo and dimensions.

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(Actual as seen)


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