Gubja Meteorite, Bencubbin, Nigeria


(Actual as seen)

SIZE: 26 x 13 x 5mm
(1.02 x 0.51 x 0.2 inches)
WEIGHT:  3.09g

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In the early evening of April 3, 1984 the meteorite fell in a corn field near the village of Bogga Dingare after a bright fireball was seen with an explosion. Local people hammered the meteorite into many pieces, and most of the material was dispersed. The original mass may have been ~100 kg, but only 12 kg is accounted for. Various pieces have passed thru many hands with inconsistent amounts of weathering. Gujba is the only known CBa fall, but its nature was not known until the CB group had been formally defined using Bencubbin as a prototype. Members of the CBa subgroup are distinguished by their chondrule-like silicates, abundant metal, and virtual lack of refractory inclusions.

The CB group is somewhat of an outlier among Carbonaceous Chondrites, but its chemical affinities to other Carbonaceous and, most especially, its oxygen isotope peculiarities, place it clearly within the larger grouping’s defined boundaries.

ACTUAL AS SEENThe image shows the EXACT specimen you will receive. The specimen has been carefully hand selected and photographed. Measurements are as accurate as possible, though be aware measuring precise dimensions can be difficult from irregular shaped items. Whilst we portray colours as close to life-like as we can, colours will vary if taken in sunlight, indoors, from monitor to monitor and device to device. Once this specimen is sold, we will update this listing with new similar selected item, with a new photo and dimensions.

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(Actual as seen)


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