L4/5 Common Chondrite Meteorite (Various)


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These Meteorites have been found by a Berber Nomad in North Africa, and are in their original ‘as found’ condition. The meteorite comes in a display box.

It has been demonstrated that over 300 tonnes of meteorites land on the Earth every day: needless to say, most of these never reach the attention of meteorologists. Those that do are carefully examined to establish their broad classification (chondrite, achondrite, stony iron, iron etc). Any that ‘show promise’ are scrutinised more carefully to ascertain their lithology, age, degree of weathering etc. 
Ultimately, the testing laboratory (The Natural History Museum in the UK) will assign a name and publish a description. The name generally refers to the region or nearest town to the location of the fall or find.
The majority of stone meteorites fall into the category of ‘Common Chondrite’. These are ancient stony objects that formed within the solar disc about 4.5 billion years ago and which are by far the most frequently discovered ‘space rocks’. Many of these are found in large ‘strewnfields’ in the North Western Sahara. While waiting for a full examination/description, these are referred to as unclassified NWA Meteorites (North West Africa Meteorites).
This item is a small example of such a meteorite, and like the majority of such stones, it shows some dark fusion crust produced during the fiery passage through the atmosphere.
These meteorites are classed as grade L Chondrites, these have Low total iron contents (including 7–11% Fe-Ni metal by mass), making them show little, to no, magnetic properties. Around 46% of ordinary chondrite falls belong to this group, which makes them the most common type of meteorite to fall on Earth.

VARIOUS: The image is an example of the single specimen you will receive, it will not be the exact meteorite in the photo. 


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